K. ZARBIS S.A. company’s story begins in the early 1960s with the construction of residential buildings and car parks in the center of Athens. Its founder, Konstantinos Zarbis, was a man with a genuine passion for construction and management of buildings, to which he dedicated himself with faith and consistency from young age until the end of his life. Inspired by his culture his children continue his vision today, with the same core values .
The company was renamed DACON PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT S.A. in 1999.

In the decades 1980 – 2010, the company focused on the construction, development and management of commercial real estate, mainly offices but also an exhibition center, car parks and retail stores. Among them is the first multi-storey building of commercial uses of metal / composite construction in the center of Athens in 2001- 2003. Today, the company expands to the construction of residential complexes in coastal areas of Attica.


In our projects, the safety of the construction (anti-seismicity, fire protection) plays the leading role, based on this we choose the most technically sound solutions and invest in thorough research to select the most suitable materials and equipment.


Our projects reflect the combination of functionality and aesthetics, which is achieved through the codes of perfect technical training and creative dedication to high quality. Every work is labored through the vision of a human being and is built through the passion of all of us.


Since the 1960s we have been pioneering in implementing ideas foreign to the Greek data, such as the construction of the first multi-storey underground car park in 1967, and the first multi-storey building for commercial use, metal / composite construction in 2001-2003, both in the center of Athens.