We are




The company DAKON based on safe and pioneering constructing,designs and develops since 1960 projects - reference points both in the center and in the suburbs of Attica.

Our Philosophy

O ur philosophy has always been a combination of innovation and high quality construction, respecting the principles of sustainability and bioclimatic design. The search for the golden ratio between high aesthetics and functionality of the buildings is obvious in all our projects. 

Our cooperation with leading design offices as well as with the most renowned suppliers of materials / equipment and subcontractors
contribute to the excellent final product, which is appreciated by our excellent clientele.


In our projects, the safety of the construction (anti-seismicity, fire protection) plays the leading role, based on this we choose the most
technically sound solutions and invest in thorough research to select the most suitable materials and equipment.


Our projects reflect the combination of functionality and aesthetics, which is achieved through the codes of perfect technical training and
creative dedication to high quality. Every work is labored through the vision of a human being and is built through the passion of all of us.


Since the 1960s we have been pioneering in implementing ideas foreign to the Greek data, such as the construction of the first multi-storey underground car park in 1967, and the first multi-storey building for commercial use, metal / composite construction in 2001-2003, both in the center of Athens.

‘’Green’’ approach

Green architecture, the principles of sustainability, the bioclimatic buildings,electrification, the small environmental footprint is the driving force in our practice.The use of heat pumps, geothermal, collection and reuse of rain and gray water, LEDlighting, VVVF elevators, pumps and inverter circulators as well as Passive House with super-insulation and adjacent shells are characteristics of our projects.

Properties for sale or rent


Complex of 8 apartments, on Ymittou Street in Saronida, surface from 48 to 223 sq.m. built in 2008. Some have a swimming pool, or sea or garden view.


Apartment complex on the coastal Athens Sounio Avenue in Anavyssos, area from 52 to 104 sq.m., built in 2020-2022. They are all furnished and have terraces overlooking the sea.